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Pink Black Heart are now affiliates of Glitterglam.

What does this mean for you / what happens when you shop Glitterglam products via Pink Black Heart page:

When you click on a product picture or product heading on the Glitterglam product page at Pink Black Heart website (which is located in the beauty section of Pink Black Heart), you will be re-directed to the Glitterglam website where the product you have clicked will be automatically added to the cart on site and a 10% off discount added because you came from Pink Black Heart. There you can then go to the cart and make the purchase or continue browsing.

Please remember that once you leave Pink Black Heart website and enter other websites even if it's through a link on our website, we here at Pink Black Heart are not responsible for anything that happens outside of our website. Click here to see our full Terms & Conditions read point 23.

If you wish to purchase something from Pink Black Heart you will need to return to the Pink Black Heart Website to do so.

About Glitterglam:

Glitterglam are an online store that sell body glitter pots, body glitter box kits, face gems and transfer tattoos. Amazing sparkly glitter in many different colours and transfer tattoos in many different patterns and colours.


Not edible, keep out of reach of babies and don't leave small children unattended with glitter or glitter glue. Please be cautious when using glitter near the eye area and in the case of either glitter or glue getting into the eyes or if there is an allergy please seek immediate medical attention. Go to the Glitterglam site for more information on products.


Pink Black Heart do not manufacture or source any Glitterglam Products.

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